PepCon 2015

 BIT's 8th Annual World Protein and Peptide (PepCon-2015) is committed to the promotion of cutting-edge progress in the field of whole life science industries.

WCNH 2014

WCNH-2014 which will take place in November, 2014 in Taiyuan, China

ICGO 2014

ICGO-2014 is a dedicated event for the gynaecology and aims to offer professionals in the field a multidisciplinary platform to learn more about the women’s health, gynaecological oncology, clinical research and discovery.

Pediatrics 2014

The 2nd Annual World Congress of Pediatrics-2014 (Pediatrics-2014) will be held during October 24-26, 2014 in Taiyuan, China

WCGG 2014

WCGG-2014 will bring together leading gerontologists, geriatrics scholars, policy decision-makers, professional activists, related companies, and researchers in one place to share recent discoveries and study results in the field of Geriatrics and Gerontology.

ICC 2014

ICC-2014 will be essentially an annual gathering for leading scientists, business leaders and investors etc. to discuss current issues and innovations in the field of Cardiology and related disciplines

MolMed 2014

The aim of MolMed-2014 is to offer further high quality programs with the new Molecular Medicine technologies, to not only scientists but also ordinary delegates.

WCE 2014

WCE-2014 continually focuses not only on the needs of practitioners, but also on the needs of scientists and patients

WCD 2014

WCD-2014 continually focuses not only on the needs of practitioners, but also on the needs of scientists and patients

CODM 2014

With the theme of "Bring Beautiful Smile to the Earth", CODM-2014 aims to seek strategies for oral diseases management and control.

IDDST 2014

It aims to offer professionals in the field of drug discovery a multidisciplinary platform to discuss and to share knowledge about the latest scientific discoveries and current industry standards

SDDS 2014

The SDDS-2014 program will follow the path of drug delivery system development and showcase some of the cutting edge technologies, latest developments and efficient methodologies.

WCDD 2015

BIT's 1st Annual World Congress of Digestive Disease (WCDD)-2015, which will be held in Nanjing, China, during 20 - 22 March 2015.

NeuroTalk 2015

Following on the successful organizing of NT-2014, we are pleased to host this year conference during May 16-18, 2015 in Hangzhou, China. With the theme of "Revealing the Secrets of Nervous System"

WCO 2014

This marine biotechnology conference will seek the views and creative ideas of the international community in addressing marine biotechnology and coastal resource management issues in China.

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