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Sai Pooja Clinic

Sai Pooja Clinic give Mumbai\'s best chiropractic and physiotherapy pharmaceuticals. We treat extraordinarily back torment, neck torment, sports wounds and spinal torments. Our staff individuals are exceptionally co-agent and treat in safe place with the goal that patient don\'t feel uncomfortable. We give common and powerful treatments to satisfy our patients. We propose customary treatment to our patients so that in future they don\'t go up against these torments yet again. we will give honest to goodness controlling, healing movement and Lifestyle counsel. On the off chance that any one need to know more data can get in touch with us.

Address: 15, Charisma Centre, Near General Education School, 19th Road Chembur East, Mumbai
Country: India
City: Mumbai
Telephone: 9821330400

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants is a leading health tourism company, which has one of the best networks of spine surgeons and hospitals in India.Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants make sure that the global patients find out one of the best and top affordable spine surgerie package in India.

Health care
Address: Madani Street, Khartoum East, P.O Box 2469, Sudan
Country: Sudan
City: Khartoum
Telephone: 91 9860755000

Daya Ayush Therapy Centre

Daya Ayush Therapy Centre provides exclusive treatment for Prolapse Rectum, we offers rectal prolapse treatment by Ayurvedic medicines, specially for those who want to go for non surgical treatment of rectal prolapse.

prolapse rectum treatment
Country: India
City: Herbertpur, Dehradun
Telephone: 9897379307

Biotech Solutions Ltd

We are a Malawian based company with a passion to improve life. we want aim to give the best medical solutions to the society.

Medical and Laboratory equipment, consumables, reagents.
Address: P .O box 498, blantyre
Country: Malawi
City: blantyre
Telephone: +265888612160

Medexpo Africa