Havells India Launches A Water Heater With A Heat Pump

For household use, Havells India has unveiled a brand-new air-to-water heat pump water heater.


The firm released a statement saying, "The Havells Heat Pump Water Heater delivers three times more efficient heating with every shower—it's the first of its kind to be made in India." The Micro Channel Heat Exchanger uses 75% less energy when it transfers heat from the air to the water. The heat pump water heater is ideal for large families since it requires little maintenance and has a low running cost. It also distributes hot water at many usage sites.


With a rated power input of 940 W, the 3.5 kW HP30 White Silver (300 L) system has dimensions of 1,555 mm x 630 mm. It operates at 50 Hz AC frequency with a rated voltage of 230 V.


A PT valve, an outside thread adaptor, a safety valve, and a connected digital controller are all part of the floor-mounted system. It is equipped with high-density polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation and a cold-rolled steel tank designed for high-pressure uses. Additionally, a magnesium anode rod is used to prevent corrosion.


Havells India provides a thorough two-year guarantee for the item. Additionally, it offers a five-year warranty for the inner container and an extra seven-year warranty for the compressor.


"Consider it like a refrigerator in reverse. Rather than producing heat directly, this water heater distributes heat from one location to another," according to the maker. "Therefore, compared to traditional electric resistance water heaters, it is two to three times more energy efficient.”

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