Agricultural Exports From A Meagre $0.6 Billion In FY 1988–1988 To $26.7 Billion In FY 2022–2023 Are Propelled By APEDA.

 Agricultural exports began modestly in 1987–1988, with USD 0.6 billion in annual exports. However, thanks to the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority's (APEDA) proactive interventions, agricultural exports reached a remarkable USD 26.7 billion in the fiscal year 2022–2023. The export basket has been expanded to over 200 countries, demonstrating an impressive Compound Annual expansion Rate (CAGR) of 12%, which highlights this journey of exponential expansion.

 India exported USD 53.1 billion worth of agricultural products for the fiscal year 2022–2023, with APEDA accounting for a sizable 51% of those exports. Of the 23 Principal Commodities (PCs) in APEDA's export basket, 18 showed positive growth from April to December 2023. Remarkably, with an average growth rate of 12%, 13 out of 15 significant PCs with exports over USD 100 million in the prior year saw positive growth.

 Fresh fruits showed exceptional growth of 29%, making them a standout performer. Furthermore, compared to the same period previous year, the export of processed vegetables increased by 24%, while the export of other processed goods, basmati rice, and fresh vegetables all witnessed significant rise. Interestingly, India's fresh fruit export market has grown considerably, reaching 111 countries this year as opposed to 102 the year before.

 From April to November 2023, a number of important commodities had significant increases over the same period last year, including: 63% for bananas; 110% for dry and shelled lentils; 160% for fresh eggs; and 120% and 140%, respectively, for kesar and dasheri mangos.

 From April to December 2023, the value of Basmati rice exports increased by 19% to USD 3.97 billion from USD 3.33 billion the year before. At the same time, the amount of exports increased by 11%, from 31.98 lakh metric tonnes to 35.43 lakh metric tonnes over the same period.

 The top five destinations for these exports were the USA, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq. Basmati rice made its way to these markets. This strong performance highlights Basmati rice's lasting appeal and growing demand worldwide, reaffirming the grain's status as a key export from India.

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