Prejex and Polybond have an agreement to produce needleless injections in India

A spin-off of Prejex GMBH in Germany, Prejex Inc., has announced a deal to produce needle-free injections with Polybond, led by Adit Rathi of Rathi Group.

Through this agreement, the German company was able to relocate its manufacturing operations from Berlin to Pune for international distribution. It was stated that the Prejex-Polybond factory will provide injections without needles for the entire world.
"Through their work, the World Trade Center in Pune's CIO, Niraj Khinvasara, and Chairman, Sagar Chordia, highlighted Pune as an industrial cluster with more than 250 German companies for Prejex. Maarten Stuut, MD of Prejex GMBH, and Harold Gerrits, Director of Global Sales and Distribution, chose India — particularly Pune — as their preferred location, according to the presentation, the business stated in a statement.
"The medical community has been waiting patiently for a cutting-edge innovation like Prejex's New Drug Delivery System (NDDS) using needle-free injections. Prejex offers a solution to a number of problems that professionals encounter on a daily basis. The expense of disposing of syringes and disposable needles is skyrocketing and they contribute significantly to toxic waste. Trypanophobia (fear of needles) is a frequent cause of patients' resistance to blood draws, vaccinations, and intravenous fluids, the report said.
There is a single-dose disposable gadget in the N-Jector Series. Once the dose has been provided, the ampoule can be packed and discarded because the dose is already pre-charged or pre-filled in it. The apparatus and/or ampoule can be kept at ambient temperature or in a refrigerator.
The Prejex Multi-Reusable Device is perfect for usage at home or for self-administration because it can last up to 30,000 clicks. It works with ampoules that can be attached with a quick twist, both filled and empty.
"Nearly 5% of the world's population, or roughly 4.5–5 million individuals, are diabetes; businesses like Prejex can reduce discomfort and make life easier for these patients. A crucial market for us is the medical sector. By establishing and supporting an ecosystem of medical innovation in India, Prejex (Needleless Injections) is bringing to Pune an innovative and strategic endeavour, according to Niraj Khinvasara, CIO, World Trade Center, Pune.
"We are honoured to work with Prejex GmbH as their production partner for needleless injections. This organisation is an excellent illustration of the "Make in India" trend. Adit Rathi, Managing Director of Polybond India Pvt Ltd, stated that such collaborations help speed up the release of innovative products in the Indian market. European consumers will gain from European innovation paired with competitive Indian costs.

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