Polycab India’s Latest Digital Film Promoting 3-In-1 LED Panel Light “View Badal De”

Lighting has a significant impact on our lives, particularly how we feel about ourselves. Thanks to contemporary LED lighting, we can employ the power of colour to evoke feelings of cosiness, vibrancy, and creativity. Based on these findings, Polycab India Limited (PIL), the largest electrical goods firm in India, has created a digital campaign called "View Badal De" to promote their 3-in-1 LED Panel Light.

The launch of the latest campaign revolving around its LED lighting offerings, further aligns with Polycab’s focus of enhancing presence in the consumer segment. In recent years, LED lights have become a potent source of lighting. They have rapidly risen to popularity in the Indian lighting sector thanks to their many advantages over traditional lighting technologies.
Polycab’s new LED campaign takes up a common insight on how one’s state of mind changes when their favorite lights are turned. Building on this, the company’s slice-of-life films tell stories of everyday people and how Polycab 3-in-1 LED light helps them change their view on things in the most entertaining way.
The first film in the series centers around a bachelor who has invited his fiancée and in-laws over to show his apartment, only to find out that his friends have created a mess inside. The story is about how he manages to make an impression on the in-laws with the help of Polycab 3-in-1 LED Panel Light.
The second film begins with an awkward situation when a guy introduces his life partner to his grandparents. The story is about how he wins them over with Polycab light.
The last film features a family where a father serves lauki sabji for dinner and changes the family’s perspective towards lauki sabji by toggle switching the Polycab 3-in-1 LED Panel Light.
Nilesh Malani, President, and Chief Marketing Officer Polycab India Ltd. said, “The product benefits of LED lights have evolved to transform our lifestyles altogether. Polycab’s Scintillate 3-in-1 LED Panel Light goes beyond the typical illumination element. The product offers three colors using switch toggle and is available in two shapes and multiple wattages. Polycab personifies this transformation in one of the simplest but powerful ways. Our series of View Badal De digital films drive home the point of LED lights not only illuminating the surroundings but our lifestyles including outlook towards life.”
Prem Narayan Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy India said, “What makes good advertising is when you get that chuckle out of the consumer. That chuckle that yes, I get that joke or that yes, it happens with me! Our campaign is based on a simple truth – when people are in a good mood their perspective on things changes. Polycab with its 3-in-1 lights can bring that change in mood. The 3 films look at situations which would on any other day (or light) get a grumble from people, but now they ‘see’ things differently.”

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