WWF Award Winner GIBSS Launches LED Lamps to Save 60% Lighting Electricity Bills for Aam Aadmi

WWF Climate Solver award winner GIBSS, a market leader in innovative building systems and clean technologies, has launched its LED lamp series for residential consumers. The residential LED lighting product line is set to replace traditional technologies such as CFLs, incandescent bulbs and will offer energy savings of up to 80%.

"If a residential consumer is incurring 30% of electricity bills towards lighting, let's say Rs. 600 per month out of a total Rs. 2000 per month, GIBSS LED lamps could reduce this number from Rs. 600 to about Rs. 200 per month. In other words, a residential consumer with an average bill of Rs. 2000 per month can instantly reduce this bill by Rs. 400-500 per month by switching to our LED product line. It is an easy and convenient replacement for traditional lamps. Moreover, traditional CFLs contain toxic mercury which is harmful to human health and environment. GIBSS LED lamp series contain no mercury and are environmentally responsible," said Suhas Sampathkumar, Head - Retail Lighting, GIBSS.

GIBSS has unveiled several innovations in the building systems space that help building owners reduce their operating costs by 50-80%. In 2012, GIBSS launched geothermal air conditioning in India. The technology has realized enthusiastic reviews from building owners and industry experts in India since it offers 60% reduction in air conditioning expenses and eliminates the requirement of water and chemical consumption for air conditioning in commercial buildings. The other innovation that has seen good adoption is the hot water co-generation system that replaces energy guzzling geysers and boilers. The technology slashes the electricity/diesel bills for heating water by about 80%. GIBSS is one of the largest and oldest players in LED lighting space in India and has offered its solutions to more than 85 commercial buildings across India.

Ramdas Shenoy, Executive Director - Marketing  said, "We have more than 1 million LED lamps installed across commercial buildings in India and it is about time we expand our offering to residential consumers in India. After lighting, we have planned to launch more disruptive innovations in the hot water and air conditioning space for residential consumers in the months to come. Our innovations have generated annual savings of over Rs. 69 crores, 19 million electric units and 350 million litres of water. We have also reduced 12000 tonnes of carbon foot print across buildings in India which is equivalent to planting 7 lakh fully grown trees."

GIBSS innovative technologies have been recognized not only for bringing about 50-80% reduction in operating savings for building owners, but also for higher useful economic life. GIBSS LED lamps offer a useful economic life of over 25 years for residential consumers. "Our lamps deploy heat sink technologies that offer superior life to the LEDs with very small deterioration in brightness levels over their useful economic lifespan. With good design and use of high quality components, these lamps can last a life time," said, Vipin Kumar Saini, Head, Lighting R&D, GIBSS.

GIBSS was recently honoured with the 'Climate Solver award' by the WWF for its geothermal innovation in the air conditioning space that cuts air conditioning bills by over 60%. Other recognitions include Parivartan Sustainability leadership Award, Samsung innovation quotient award and Sankalp innovation award for the most sustainable clean technology company in India.

About GIBSS (Green India Building Systems and Services)

GIBSS, a zero net energy building systems company, helps businesses reduce costs and raise productivity through compelling 'triple bottom line' energy efficiency products and solutions in their buildings. With its zero initial investment or pay from savings model and performance bank guarantees, GIBSS has made state-of-the-art technologies commercially viable to its clients. GIBSS portfolio of geothermal cooling systems, hot water co-generation systems, lighting and Indoor air quality systems reduces operating costs in buildings by 60-80%. It has generated remarkable interest among building owners and operators and is set to become a game changer in the building systems space.

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