The market for agricultural drones in India is expected to quadruple.

The Indian Agriculture Drones market is expected to grow fourfold by 2028, with a predicted CAGR of more than 25% between 2022 and 2028. Agriculture drones are spray drone-enhanced unmanned aerial vehicles that are used to boost crop output, crop growth monitoring, and agricultural operations efficiency. Farmers will be able to see their property in greater detail thanks to drone sensors and digital photography capabilities. Furthermore, sudden climate change is adding new layers of complexity to the agriculture industry, driving demand for technological solutions such as agriculture drones to increase crop productivity and company efficiency. Additionally, drone farming's overhead view can reveal a range of issues, such as soil variance, irrigation issues, and fungal infestations, and can be used as a set of instructions in agriculture to survey crops and swiftly identify problems. In the future years, all of these reasons are projected to increase demand for agricultural drones in India.

Agriculture drones will be propelled forward by the agricultural sector's expansion, which is merging technological advancements into farming operations. Due of a labour shortage in agriculture, precision farming tools such as agricultural drones are becoming more popular. Precision agriculture is being adopted by larger farms, which is overcoming technological difficulties. Because of its advantages, drone technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and remote sensing capabilities is becoming more popular. The federal government has highlighted the relevance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence in its online Digital Sky Platform, which is expected to boost drone adoption in the country's agriculture sector.
India's drone entrepreneurs have seized the chance to strengthen their technological capabilities. Precision farming techniques have been demonstrated to increase yields by as much as 5%. Drones can plant 400,000 trees per day with a team of two operators, and ten drones can plant 400,000 trees each day. With the growing global demand for food, there is constant pressure to improve agricultural productivity and crop health, which could result in increased output. Given India's position as one of the world's leading agricultural producers, the potential for drone makers appears to be enormous.

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