Micro 3D Printing Technology is now available in India thanks to a new partnership.

Shree Rapid Technologies has announced a new cooperation with Boston Micro Fabrication (BMF), a global leader in micro-precise 3D printers, to deliver precision micro 3D printing to India. This alliance provides enthusiastic Indian clients with another another cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

The micro 3D printing market in India is virtually untouched, and through this new alliance, Shree Rapid Technologies intends to address that gap with an industry-leading solution. 3D printers from the BMF 2 micron, 10 micron, and 25 micron lines are now available in India.
With Micro 3D Printing applications across a wide range of sectors, BMF printers enable more elaborate, accurate, and reproducible parts because to their ultra-high resolution, accuracy, and precision.
Medical, Electronics, and Microfluidics sectors would gain more more from the capacity to print stents, prosthesis, surgical plans, electrical components, connectors, and instruments like Lab-on-Chip and other devices with resolutions as low as 2 microns. Traditional manufacturing procedures have been overcome, making Micro 3D Printing a more viable production choice.
BMF's Projection Micro Stereolithography (PuSL) Technology allows for micro 3D printing.
Medicine, electronics, microfluidics, MEMS, and research are just a few of the disciplines where micro 3D printing is applied. In a variety of healthcare, biological, and medical applications, BMF 3D printing systems can successfully manufacture microfluidic devices, stents, small mechanical structures, and other commodities.
"We're thrilled to be partnering with Shree Rapid Technologies to extend our Indian sales and service network. SRT is promoting 3D printing usage in a variety of industries and is the backbone of India's 3D printing industry, helping businesses and academia across the country. They will position BMF to push the enablement of precision manufacturing and miniaturisation inside medical devices, electronics, communications systems, photonics, and beyond with their skills, knowledge, and experience." BMF's CEO, John Kawola
SRT has always been at the forefront of growing India's 3D Printing sector and advocating for a more Atmanirbhar Bharat, providing a complete range of Digital Manufacturing Technologies from reverse engineering to post-processing.
"Through its sophisticated Projection Micro Stereolithography, Boston Micro Fabrication has been able to provide a solution for an elusive method of quick tooling for micro-moulding." Which, in our opinion, is the most pressing demand for 3D printing in India. A ground-breaking technique that has the potential to revolutionise the manufacturing of micro parts in a variety of industrial applications. SRT's Digital Manufacturing portfolio has been strengthened by its collaboration with BMF, which now includes technology for both large-scale and microscale 3D printed items." Shree Rapid Technologies Partner Nitin Chaudhari quoted.
Thanks to its cooperation with Boston Micro Fabrication, the pioneers in microscale 3D Printing systems, SRT is one of the only global firms supplying technology of major Digital Manufacturing brands.

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