India is developing Indo-Africa links by establishing significant convention centres throughout the continent.

It is no longer the world's quiet continent. It's no longer merely remembered as the golden bird of bygone eras. When it comes to commerce and economic growth, India and Africa are two resurgent giants that are expanding in size by the second.

Today, India and Africa have a fantastic connection. And there is an intricate relationship between Mahatma Gandhi and Africa that is inherent in a clearly intimate bond between the expanding continent on the one hand and one of Asia's tiger economies on the other. Gandhi's excellent and often acknowledged nonviolent methods of combating the British Raj were rooted in the apartheid society of which he was a victim. What would have happened to his massive national movement if Africa had not made such an influence on his psyche?
The relationships between India and Africa are not new; they have existed for a long time and stretch back to India's pre-independence days.
Mega advancements in infrastructure, real estate, engineering, education, and construction, to mention a few fields, are part of a continually developing relationship whose economy is defined by increased trade cooperation between the two growing world powers. And now there's word that India is developing conference centres all throughout Africa. Though it may be a welcome new development for some of us. Although it is another definite beginning for those who are aware of India's recent attempts to influence Africa's infrastructure, it is more a continuation of existing links for those who are aware of India's recent efforts to shape Africa's infrastructure.
India is now determined to turn the tide. And the fascinating blend of events doesn't stop there. Following the completion of these convention centres, completely new buildings are expected to be developed in 12 more African countries.
The two countries are still looking for new ways to collaborate. India is known to have encouraged African students to relocate to India in order to pursue education due to widespread poverty in many African countries. It's no surprise, then, that India continues to enjoy a high level of support from Africa. Scholarships given to African students help to shape the relationship even more.
However, you might be shocked to learn that the decision to construct convention centres across Africa was not made by a group of Indian ministries. Surprisingly, the country's external affairs minister came up with the concept. And these aren't one-off events; they're all part of Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birthday festivities. Gandhi is an iconic figure in Africa, despite the fact that he is not a national figure as he is in India. When you consider that one of 'Madiba' Nelson Mandela's nicknames was 'Gandhi of Africa,' you may appreciate this even more.
The current and upcoming conference centres will be distinguished by their adherence to local culture, customs, and architectural features. And, shortly, Prime Minister Modi is slated to attend the crucial BRICS conference in Africa.

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