Dr Bio the Indian plant-based biopolymer rolled out by a Ludhiana enterprise

Hi-tech International, based in Ludhiana, has become the first company in the country to manufacture Dr Bio, a plant-based biopolymer that can be used to replace single-use and multi-use plastic products such as bottles, straws, cups, disposable cutlery, polybags, and other single-use and multi-use plastic products with bio-compostable plastic.

According to Sidharth Sareen, Technical Director, Hi-Tech International, Dr Bio is the first Indian biopolymer to be authorised by the Institute of Petrochemicals Technology (previously known as—Central Institute of Petrochemicals Engineering & Technology).

“The main benefit of Dr Bio is that bio-based polymers replace fossil carbon in the manufacturing process with renewable carbon from biomass,” he continued. The second benefit is that they are biodegradable (depending on the environment) and hence can be used to replace plastics that cannot be recycled. As a result, microplastics are no longer present in our environment.”
After 12 weeks, bio-plastics dissolve, and after six months, they entirely biodegrade, converting 90 percent or more of the plastic material to carbon dioxide. The remainder is transformed to water and biomass, both of which are free of plastic. The statement claimed that no heavy metal content or hazardous elements were left behind.
Dr Bio is a product that is entirely created in India. According to Siddarth Sareen, the company has agreements with farmers for the supply of corn starch.

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